Quintus's Lucky Mug

Is a mug


Quintus’s Lucky Mug is an old mug. It’s made of wood, and from the looks of it, was also made poorly. It surprisingly holds together, however, and is rather good at its job as a drink vessel.


Before heading out to Shadowfell Keep (probably after buying her crowbar), Quintus, having been mocked for her limited use “Conjure Water” spell, decided to buy a container for the water, so that should she conjure any, she’d have a place to put it. The mug came with ale, and as ale often does in the hands of Quintus, it soon helped intoxicate her. The mug, however, stayed in her possession. She felt a deep attachment to the mug that survived with the group through the dangers of Shadowfell, and seeing as how she was one of the few that hadn’t died and been resurrected, Quintus secretly dubbed the mug her “Lucky Mug”.

True tale.

Quintus's Lucky Mug

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