Farmer turned Fighter


Stern, strong and aware of his surroundings.He is disciplined and hates slothfulness as well as drunkenness. Believes in the value of work and earning one’s wealth. He is somewhat critical of those he meets and will not initially trust them better if he sees good in them he may soften towards them…

  • The adoptive son of farmers that worked the soils of the southern side of Winter haven, Onwumelu was brought to the village wrapped in a tiger’s pelt when he was three years old by Obji-wo Efoji. Growing up Onwumelu grew strong and farmed like his adoptive family did, as well as sought guidance from Obji-wo, whom he saw as an uncle figure.
  • By age twelve Onwumelu garnered respect from the village for his perseverance and skill in farming yams, a crop fabled for being a man’s crop that only the strong can grow. By age fifteen he perfected his yam growing technique by praying to Pelor and striking the ground with great force. This caused the energy of his blow to transfer into his yams to grow with great girth. At eighteen Onwumelu who had success with several crops, especially yams,began to raise swine. With help from Pelor his pigs were known to grow to the size of horses by threatening them. He also lifted them daily to instill his own willpower into his pigs to help them grow.
  • It was also this age that Onwumelu ran into his first kobold. Upon sensing it was nearby its scent was caught by Onwumelu. The scent hearkened him back to a time before his farming life the scents of reptiles and blood. In response, he ripped the kobold’s spear from its hands and ran it through the lizard’s heart with so much force that the spear flew into a nearby tree kobold and all.
  • On his nineteenth birthday Onwumelu was visited by Obji-wo who had an important message. He claimed to have a bad feeling about what was going to happen in the near future and that Onwumelu’s fortunes will change soon. Weeks later a group of adventurers came into the village to which Onwumelu dismissed as disdainful fools and childish brutes and gave the not a second thought. Of course, that is until an encounter in the forest the next day.


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