Was: human, male, looks like a pissed off Christian monk. Now: Svirfneblin, female, still is rather pissy


Current stats:

Str: 13
Dex: 21
Con: 13
Int: 12
Wis: 17
Cha: 9

HP: 16
AC: 22 (10+5(dex)1(dodge feet)1(size mod)2(Svirfneblin dodge bonus)3(monk’s get wis))
Flat-footed AC: 16
Touch AC: 22
Speed: 20 ft (for now)
Initiative: 5

Fort: 7
Reflex: 10
Will: 8

BAB: 1
CMB: 3
CMD: 19

Weapon: fists



He was born to a fairly middle class shop keeping family in a fairly bad part of a city.  At a young age, seeing crime and illicit behaviors was a common occurrence.  He found it absolutely despicable.  He would get beat up a lot by getting mugged or trying to save people and doing good, so he learned to fight back.  His parents raised him Christian, instilling the belief of one God, of His morals and His words.  In a world where there is actual proof there are multiple gods, this was a bit of a stretch to work with.  He settled with that all the other gods were also of His creation and not truly all powerful or omnipotent (because generally, DnD gods aren’t).  Lorik just got fed up with it all and at the age of seventeen he told his parents he was going to go live in a monastery.  He wanted to leave all the corruption behind and try to figure out what it is to truly do good and help people.  He found a monastery and they accepted him with open arms.  He studied and prayed and became one with the community.  He did not like the idea of becoming weak so he kept in shape and practiced fighting and trained by himself.  After a while, the monks grew a bit testy of him.  While he went out into towns and did charity work, did more than his fair share of work to sustain the monastery itself, and followed all the rules and prayers, he was not the nicest person.  He would often snap back and become incredibly cynical, even of God and his doctrine.  The monks were poor, but they had a few relics of some value that were a target of thieves.  Lorik was more than happy to defend them with violence.  Some years later, he was finally kicked out.  He found the monks weak and wrong.  In Lorik’s mind, he thought the monks were selfish, that they were not willing to get their hands dirty, to save their own soul but not make any real difference.  This is what Lorik decided to do.  He would go against his God in order to serve Him.  He would kill, steal, cheat, and lie if it meant an ultimately good result.  He still would give charity every chance he gets, and he continues to remain celibate to show he still has respect for his God.  Lorik is sure he’ll go to hell, but he is going to try to be as good as possible.  For now he travels around, looking for evil to eradicate, and if someone is willing to pay him for his work, that is even better.  The money he gets is used to keep him alive and to give to charity.  So that’s how Lorik became a monk mercenary.


As said in the backstory, he is fairly cynical and violent, but he is also sarcastic.  He his humble of his own deeds and does not force his religion on anyone, though he does get very testy among friends who do evil inclined or generically stupid acts.


Human, male, brown hair, monk robes, monk hair cut, very fit body since he’s the other kind of monk. The thing that almost matters is that Lorik has a brown right eye and a blue left eye.  Some of the more superstitious monks at his monastery actually thought it was a mark of the devil and they were particularly more inclined to get him kicked out.  Lorik thinks that that is complete bull shit.  Also when he fights, he occasionally uses a large bible with a leather strap around it to hit people with it because he is literally hitting them with the “word of God”.  The monks didn’t like this either.


And he turned into a Sverfneblin. He died, and thanks to Splug the goblin who forced his corpse to drink a potion, he was revived but turned into a Svirfneblin which is a dark skinned, underground dwelling gnome with inherent magical powers that Lorik doesn’t know about yet. Also female, and a busty one at that. All his back story and personality is the same, but his looks have completely changed.

He has no love interest, no real long term goals, nearly everyone is hated but not an enemy and that was all the fluff.


Sex Mop Lorik