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Our adventurers met in the Wyrmm’s Ha’Penny, the last inn before the farm town of Winterhaven. Amid their drunken antics, a strange man warned them of dangers in the ruined keep before retiring with his blonde companion.
Setting out towards Winterhaven the next morning, the party was set upon by a brutally efficient ambush of kobolds.
After a grimly unbalanced fight, our heroes made it to town with the assitance of a helpful farmer and his cart.
An embarrassingly public scene resulted from Mosephina’s attempts to revive her companions followed by enough drinking to drown a mermaid.
D’Aergan set his sights on the owner of the inn as some of the others explored the various sights in town.
Blake learned a bit about the ruined keep and was promised more information before crossing paths once again with the Lord of the town, gaining from him a paying job to eliminate the kobold problem in the area.

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